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Unlike most astrocartography readings, this includes an analysis of your entire world map, not just limited areas.

My book, "The Role of the Least-Aspected Planet in Astrocartography," first appeared online in 1998 and revolutionized the field. Order an astrocartography reading that will revolutionize your life.

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 OPTION D: Complete International astrocartography reading

* Includes a one-hour astrocartography reading
* An in-depth national and international analysis
* Response time: astrocartography readings are scheduled within ten-days of receipt of payment

If you have questions about where to travel or to relocate, this astrocartography consultation provides a detailed, in-depth analysis of your entire world map.

This is a unique, personalized astrocartgraphy reading -- the interpretation is not computer-generated, nor does it utilize any pre-written "reports," such as those found in so many other online astrocartgraphy services. It includes a full discussion of all areas in the world where planetary lines are "Transcendental" and thus favoring our lifetime goals and vocations, as well as an analysis of areas where "Leading" or over-aspected planets can cause energy overloads or disruptions to occur. Unlike other online astro-mapping services, the astrocartography reading is not limited to just two or three cities but includes an entire international analysis. You are encouraged to ask about any cities, countries or locales that you are curious about during your astrocartography consultation.

This option also includes a personalized list of recommended domestic and international regions, and a breakdown of all your planets, listing Transcendental (harmonious lines) and Leading (challenging lines) planets, in order of strength.

The final in-depth analysis is completed within ten days of payment and is available as a verbal (telephone) report. This is a "plain English" description -- prior knowledge of astrocartography is not needed in order to understand it. An e-mail confirmation is also sent immediately upon receipt of payment. Cost is $300. Order using the PayPal link directly above, or contact me with any questions, comments or requests for more info about astrocartography readings and consultations, at: (Please use this e-mail address to send me your birth data after concluding your PayPal payments.) Thank you.

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Discover the key to your horoscope: This option includes a numerical rating of all your planets, listing Transcendentals, Intermediaries, and Leading Planets, in order of strength. Use this table to determine which planet is operating as the focal point in your birth chart. Then read the free, in-depth essays on planetary symbolism that correspond to your planets here. It also includes a set of astrocartgraphy maps that are e-mailed to you as graphic files.

This option is completed within ten days of payment and is sent by e-mail. Cost is only $29.95. Order using the PayPal link directly above, or contact me by e-mail with any questions, comments or requests for more info on astrocartography readings and comnsultations, at:

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"Couteau has assembled his creative and impeccable research into a book subtitled Planetary Symbolism in Transcendental Astrology. Astrologers with a serious interest in locational astrology and mapping techniques will be enthralled by this book, as will all those who appreciate innovative astrological thinking."

-Mary Plumb, The Mountain Astrologer magazine, Oct./Nov. 2006


Astro-Pro Website of the Week Award, 1 June 1998

Couteau has been a practicing astrocartographer since 1985 and is an internationally recognized expert on relocation astrology and astrocartography. He is also author of the ground-breaking book The Role of the Least Aspected Planet in Astrocartography, which revolutionized the field of astrocartography and which received positive reviews in the Mountain Astrologer and other leading astrology journals. His research has appeared in publications such as Aspects Magazine; Astrolore; and The Celtic Astrologer; and has been featured online in numerous e-zines, such as Matrix Software's Astro-Talk; Linda Reid's Astrology Panplanet; Dr. Patrice Guinard's C.U.R.A. (University Centre for Astrological Research); E.Z. Uecker's Looking Glass Reflections; and Claudia Dikinis's Starcats. He also maintains the Internet's largest collection of national horoscopes, including the astrocartography of nations, located here.


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